Comparative analysis of mass transportation systems of Hubli, India, and Lubbock, United States



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Texas Tech University


The objective of this study is to analyze and compare the mass transportation systems in the cities of Lubbock, United States of America and Hubli, India and to decipher what one can learn from the other. The cities of Lubbock and Hubli are considered for the study because both are educational centers whose areas are comparable.

Mass transportation is a significant component that serves the travel needs in most of the cities throughout the world. However, the usage of mass transportation systems is relatively high in developing countries, such as India, where the majority of the population cannot afford to own a car. The analysis presented in the thesis addresses the reasons why there is a large demand for mass transportation in Hubli, India and the lack of demand for mass transportation services provided by Citibus, Lubbock.

The study takes into account two mass transportation service providers, Citibus, Lubbock and Kamataka Road Transportation Corporation (KSRTC), Hubli. The working systems of these two service providers are compared in terms of routes, financial performance and the services provided. Finally, recommendations provided are based on what one system can leam from the other with the aim of providing a sustainable mass transportation system.



Hubli (India), Local transit, Lubbock (Tex.)