An exploratorium for Washington, D.C.


Thesis: Architectural Technology Technology is the framework for constant change This entity is always getting faster, growing larger, and also finding efficient and more economical ways to complete the desired goals Buildings and structures that are created usually end up being stagnant and serve a single purpose throughout their lifetimes. The goal for this project is to design a structure that exhibits technology A permanent building that can adapt, transform and change as new technology is developed This principle will help guide and create issues that will impact the design for the proposed Technology Expleretorium. Facility Type: Technology Exploratorium A building or a group of buildings, sponsored by the government to promote the expansion of technology and the growth towards a national standard of a technological country Scope: This multi-functional expleretorium will be utilized in three ways. First, the expleretorium facility will educate the public through experience in a multi-media museum and interaction with hands on exhit5its Secondly, hardware and software vendors will be given the opportunity to rent space for their product demonstration and education. Finally Context: The government is looking for a way to interest venders to participate in this promotion of technology. They have chosen the location for this facility to be in downtown Washington DC. This area is appropriate for three reasons. First, it will fit into context with the vast amount of museums and educational complexes that are already in existence. Secondly, the great amount of tourists that come to our nation's capitol will make it well populated. Finally, it is the place where policies are made, which makes it the perfect location for the complex's original intention of growing with the technological standard that is



Architecture, Museum architecture -- Designs and plans.