Using the AraBERT Model for Customer Satisfaction Classification of Telecom Sectors in Saudi Arabia



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Customer satisfaction and loyalty are essential for every business. Feedback prediction and social media classification are crucial and play a key role in accurately identifying customer satisfaction. This paper presents sentiment analysis-based customer feedback prediction based on Twitter Arabic datasets of telecommunications companies in Saudi Arabia. The human brain, which contains billions of neurons, provides feedback based on the current and past experience provided by the services and other related stakeholders. Artificial Intelligent (AI) based methods, parallel to human brain processing methods such as Deep Learning (DL) algorithms, are famous for classifying and analyzing such datasets. Comparing the Arabic Dataset to English, it is pretty challenging for typical methods to outperform in the classification or prediction tasks. Therefore, the Arabic Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (AraBERT) model was used and analyzed with various parameters such as activation functions and topologies and simulated customer satisfaction prediction takes using Arabic Twitter datasets. The prediction results were compared with two famous DL algorithms: Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Recurrent Neural Network (RNN). Results show that these methods have been successfully applied and obtained highly accurate classification results. AraBERT achieved the best prediction accuracy among the three ML methods, especially with Mobily and STC datasets.


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AraBERT, BERT, customer satisfaction classification, deep learning


Aftan, S., & Shah, H.. 2023. Using the AraBERT Model for Customer Satisfaction Classification of Telecom Sectors in Saudi Arabia. Brain Sciences, 13(1).