Dwell on downtown: A program for a low-cost housing project on Routh Street in Dallas, Texas


Theory Statement /1 í^(-li A deslgn composed of forms based on a modular method of ces gn lends O'jL Pi zz ifself fo^pre-fabrlcafion and fhus a simple form fhaf Is ordered and cosf effecfive. r> , P , This project relies on the stonce that architectural form is the governing directive r the é^"^' o-- design. The emphasis on the proportion of these forms will yield on orchiîecture of order v.hile 7 " 3 providing a simplistic structure, This will serve to develop an ideol low-income community ^ qqf through modulority thot will creote rhythm Py the emphotic use of geometric shopes. Since the structural elements ore inherent to the form Jprefobrication of component parts ond low-cost, high /Jâ.^^ weor materiols will make this project economically ond socially desirable. Context / Fccility Type The built context of this project is in the busy business-oriented downtown area of Dallas, Texas. This site has direct occess to transportotion, healthcare, and the possible employment opportunities of downtown. Furthermore, the site is located on the West side of Highway 75, o major artery of tronsportation for the entire city, ond Woodall Rogers Freeway to the North. DirectJy odjacentarethe high-riseoffice buildingsond hotelsthot moke up the Dallos skyline. n •> existing site and the surrounding oreo hove o virtually flot topography.^Weother conditions vory from one extreme to the opposite in a relatively short amount of time, This focility is a low-rise housing community with a speciol interest in occommodoting residents who would require a low cost housing. This facilitv seeks to be o full-featured community within a city. It will provide o ploce from which the residents con live, leorn, ond grow, Services will be provided such os childcore ond after school supervision with secure ploces for playing to allow the parents peace of mind to pursue their work. This community will be a helpful place to live.



Architecture, Public housing -- Design and construction, Public housing -- Texas -- Dallas