Letter, September 19, 1891, to Miss Butler



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Letter discussing the Arnold family.


Sept 19th 1891. My dear Miss Butler, I was delighted to have your letter and to hear of you and dear Mr. Butler, and especially glad of the good account you were able to give. Will you give him my best love and tell him I did not expect him to write. I am sure with all he has to do in the writing and business way, he ought to spare himself any extra work of any kind. I often think of you, and your dear Father and of how good you were to us, and how you made your house our house the winter we were in New York. Lucy is always faithful in telling us when he has seen you or heard from or of you, and I was ____ interested in hearing you had been to see her at B__ Parish. I was interested too in hearing that my little grandson Arnold Whitridge was Baptized in M___eck Church! I so well remember the drive you took us to M___neck where we were with you at Fox Meadow not very long after our arrival in New York in 1883! Lucy, Fred and little Eleanor have been here for just a fortnight. It was a happiness to see them all looking so well. Fred and Lucy start tonight for a ten days “outing.” to Holland and Paris, and at this moment my only companion is Eleanor. She is a dear little thing; to me too, she is a very special child, as her beloved grandfather was so devoted to her – of course she cannot really remember him, but she has heard so much about him, and his picture is so familiar to her that he seems very present in her mind. Lucy has had good accounts from New Rochelle of her two little ones. The baby, little Arnold, seems to have gained very much in weight, and I fancy must now be quite an average sized child. I have my dear Nelly and Armine Wodehouse here for two or three days on their way from Devonshire, (where they have been staying with Lord and Lady Coleridge,) to his parents at Kimberley, Nofolk. Their little When Lucy and Fred and Eleanor arrived Nelly and Armine and D___ were here. It was very nice for all the children to meet But I want to send this off by the N. German mail tonight. I don’t want to delay telling you the pleasure your letter gave me. I never can forget all you were to us; but indeed we both so loved and valued you; and your dear father’s friendship! My most ample love to him and am so glad he liked the new editions of the poems. God bless you both always dearest Miss Butler your very affectionate Frances S. Arnold