An analysis between organizational structure and enterprise resource planning system implementation success



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Texas Tech University


In the past decade, the business environment has changed dramatically. The world has become a small and very dynamic marketplace and the evolution of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems has been a highlight in the information systems arena. While the growth of ERP systems has been enormous, cost and failures have undermined its true capabilities. With respect to the high percentage of implementation failures, it is very important to study all of the critical success factors in order to increase the ratio of successful implementations.

This research presents an experimental design for a survey that will be utilized to investigate what effect that organizational structure has on the success of ERP implementation. First the organizational structures are described and possible effects of these structures are identified. Then, the necessary tests to analyze the survey are described. Finally, the results of the statistical analysis take place. After getting the results, the expected and actual relationship between the variables are discussed. Finally, conclusions about these results and future research that may take place after this study is described.



Resource allocation, Organization, Strategic planning