A pedagogical study of selected intermediate violin pieces



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Texas Tech University


This dissertation provides the violin teacher with suggestions and ideas for helping private violin students acquire and develop the technical and interpretive expertise required by selected solo pieces at the intermediate level. It involves the analysis of the skills necessary for the successful performance of twelve intermediate level violin pieces selected from the syllabus of The Western Board of Music, which operates in western Canada. Intermediate level is defined by reference to five current syllabi. Most students of Junior High School and Senior High School age are at the intermediate level. The twelve selected pieces are those chosen most frequently for performance on Western Board of Music intermediate level violin examinations in the past decade. The violin syllabus of The Western Board of Music provides an appropriate resource for choosing repertoire, since it is used by the majority of violin teachers in western Canada and is available to most violin teachers.

Pedagogues' comments on the required skills are reviewed, and published etude material is suggested that provides practice in each skill. Short preview exercises, sixty-one in total, are provided where the published material is either inappropriate or nonexistent. The dissertation provides appropriate pedagogical resources for the teacher of the intermediate violin student through the discussion of eighty-three examples taken from the selected pieces. Recommendations for further research and action are made. As well, the history of The Western Board of Music is summarized and its current operations are described. Appendices include required skills listed by piece, required skills contained within standard intermediate level etude material and the complete selected pieces from which examples are taken in the dissertation.



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