A housing development, El Paso, Texas


  1. Thesis Statement The role of Architecture is a Language. The built environment can communicate through its associative meaning, of its component parts, as well as their innate expressive power.
  2. Context Statement The site for the project will be in El Paso, Texas. It is located at the south west comer of the state. The site is on the north westem edge of the city in a residential development area. The plot of land is located between the developed city and the Franklin mountains.
  3. Facility Statement The facility is a residential housing cluster. This cluster will consist of 14 units. Each unit will house a single family. Features of the cluster will include: the expression of meaningful content in its form and symbolism. The creation of spaces that are appropriate to the family unit of today, and that are still able to contribute to the larger wholeness of the neighborhood.
  4. Project Scope This project will be in El Paso The city of El Paso is bordered by the state of New Mexico and the city of Juarez, Mexico. It will use the expressive power of architecture to create a dialogue between the American and Hispanic cultures in order to create a residential community. The design will be directed toward upper middle class families of American and Hispanic descent.



Cluster housing -- Texas -- El Paso, Housing -- Texas -- El Paso