Anglophilia on film: Creating an atmosphere for alliance, 1935-1941



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Texas Tech University


Films shown in America from 1935 to 1941 had a British bias. Anglophilia on film resulted from a longstanding Anglo-American cultural affinity. But as war approached in mid-1939, the celluloid unneutrality blossomed into pro-British propaganda. Hollywood's shift from simple bias to propagandistic intervention paralleled the changing tides of American foreign policy and public opinion during these years. Although the motion picture industry largely followed both diplomacy and opinion, the Anglophilic images produced by that industry still effected the creation of an Anglo-American alliance by late-1941. By reinforcing a majority of American citizens' previously held affinities for Britain, films helped to fortify public support for Roosevelt's increasingly Anglophilic and interventionist foreign policies from 1939 to 1941.



Motion pictures, National characteristics