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The relationship between Counselor Education, Special Education, and Human Development and Family Studies as they relate to college student-athletes in various aspects. Some aspects involve the self-efficacy theory and the negative perceptions that non-student athletes have of student-athletes. Other aspects involve the challenges that student-athletes have to overcome in higher education including the media, transitions from high school to college, and learning disabilities. Included in this portfolio are works done throughout the writer’s graduate education. Personal experiences have been drawn from working closely with college student-athletes at Texas Tech University’s Marsha Sharp Center giving the writer first-hand experience in this field focusing specifically on tutoring and counseling student-athletes. The writer is pursuing a professional field working with college student-athletes by helping them with counseling, learning disabilities, transitions, academics, and time-management.



Counselor education, Special education, Human development and family studies, College, Student athletes, Self-efficacy, Challenges, Transitions, Learning disabilities, Counseling, Time management