Selecting a baggage screening strategy to meet screening requirements and minimize cost



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Texas Tech University


To increase security in airports in the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration has developed software to aid in deployment of baggage screening devices. One of these software packages is the Checked Baggage Screening (CBS) Model. The CBS Model is an operational cost model designed for use by FAA security, airline analysts and economists to forecast costs associated with implementation of various screening strategies at airports. There is a cost associated with False Alarms and False Clears that is not included in the CBS Model. Moreover, currently available security screening strategy models only analyze a given screening strategy and do not determine better strategies. This research broadens the cost function then, presents a methodology to determine the best selection of screening devices that minimizes the annual cost of the screening strategy. The objective of this research is to determine the best configuration of devices that will minimize not only purchase and operating cost, but also the costs associated with False Alarms and False Clears. These improved strategies have the potential to significantiy improve current levels of aviation security.



Airport security, Baggage handling