Perspectives on electrochemical valorization of organic waste


This brief review outlines sustainable and innovative approaches involving electrochemical processes to transform organic waste materials into valuable products. This is defined as electrochemical valorization of organic waste (EVOW). By exploring the waste management landscape, EVOW could significantly contribute to global sustainability goals. This analysis highlights some of the most recent advances in EVOW, focusing on high-volume sources like municipal solid waste, food waste, and synthetic organic waste like plastics. This perspective emphasizes the need for economically viable reactor designs, durable electrodes, and a better understanding of electrocatalytic and electrochemical separation paths. Despite progress, translating theoretical studies into industrial applications remains a challenge, requiring further exploration of economic considerations, life cycle analysis, and scalable technologies. This paper provides insights into advancements, challenges, and prospects, guiding future research for sustainable waste management practices.


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Circular economy, Electrochemical refineries, Electrolysis, Electrons to chemicals


Alvarez-Pugliese, C.E., Donneys-Victoria, D., Cardona-Velez, W.J., & Botte, G.G.. 2024. Perspectives on electrochemical valorization of organic waste. Current Opinion in Electrochemistry, 46.