Estimated Losses from Bark in Cotton Lint, Texas High Plains




Neeper, Jarral
Ethridge, Don

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National Cotton Council of America


The occurrence of bark in cotton across the U.S. belt is examined and the problem in the southwest, especially in the Texas High Plains, is documented. As a percentage of U.S. cotton reduced in grade due to bark, the southwest region and high plains area averaged about 76% and 46%, respectively, over the 18-year study period. Results indicate that the average annual losses are not large in relation to the total value of cotton produced; the estimated annual loss averaged about 1%. However, the annual variation is great, with the high annual loss over the time period being more than 3% of the value of the crop.



Economic Losses, Quality, Cotton


Ethridge, D., J. Neeper. "Estimated Losses From Bark in Cotton Lint, Texas High Plains." Beltwide Cotton Conference, 1986.