Kuala Lumpur Riverwalk Center: A cultural and retail activities complex for Kuala Lumpur


The Cultural and Retail activities Complex would be Kuala I.umpur new trade mark. It is a structure that is located nearby to the historical Gombak river. The complex would be the ultimate point for future riverwalks that going to be built hy The City Hall of Kuala Lumpur. The Cultural and Retails activities Complex would introduce new concept of shopping and relaxing to Kuala Lumpur communities and its visitors. In the middle of hustle-bustk activities of the city, the complex users would find themselve shopping, eating or being entertained under very serene and comfortable situations. The complex would be free from atmospheric pollution and undesirable noises. Moreover. the uncomfortable hot and humid micro climate of the site would be modified by using natural elements. The Cultural and Retails acti\ ites Complex would be an ultimate cit)' center retreat area for Kuala Lumpur dwellers and its visItors. The Cultural and Retails activities Complex would be a building that responds to its environment. It would work \ith the local climate to provide comfort to its users and to conSCf'e enel gy. I t would also respect the natural elements and its site. 10 embrace the concept of environmentally responsible architecture, the complex would use appropriate technologies: that are methods, skills, knowledge or crafts that are fit and proper to be used with the purposes.



Architecture, Multipurpose buildings -- Design., Stores, Retail -- Design., Shopping centers -- Design., Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)