Hollow Manor for sextet and electronic accompaniment



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Hollow Manor is a programmatic work for chamber orchestra with electronic accompaniment. Specifically, it employs a flute, bass clarinet, Bb trumpet, and one of each, violin, viola, cello, conductor, and tape. This work has nine one-minute ambient settings, each creating the imagery of a room in an abandoned manor.

The composer was inspired by video game scores to write Hollow Manor. His desire was to create original loop-based, and chamber music that could be used in a multimedia score. He chose to program and compose in the Reason music software. With video game scores as a model, this composition has rhythmically irregular electronic loops that are heard throughout.

Section A, titled Corridor, greets the listener with the screeching and slamming of the front door. Section B, Parlor, employs an electronic choir and recalls an empty room where parties were once attended by aristocrats. Section C, Dining Room, is a scenario in which remnants of forgotten food remain on the serving table and flies are eating and laying their eggs. The melody of section D, Nursery, is created by phrases of children’s songs. The electronic accompaniment of section E, Game Room, recalls the entertainment of guests with music from a dilapidated phonograph. The music of section F, The Study, represents the stacks of books lining the walls.



Musical composition