The attitudes of Québécois millennials towards English loanwords in Quebec French



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In sociolinguistics, language attitude studies are a central part of research done in this field. Quebec, being Canada’s only province with a francophone majority, has proved to be a fascinating place for language attitude studies. This thesis is an investigation into the attitudes of Québécois Millennials towards English loanwords in Quebec French.

The first chapter of the thesis provides context for the researcher’s own research. It provides a brief overview of the history of the province and explains some of the current social, linguistic, and political events occurring in the province. It also provides an introduction to language attitude research and summarizes previous language attitude researcher conducted in Quebec. The second chapter focuses on the creation of the survey and the selection of participants. The results of the study are presented in this chapter. In the third chapter, the results are analyzed and compared to the historical attitudes towards English loanwords. There is also some analysis of the results with regard towards current events in Quebec.



Quebec, Language Attitudes, French, Loanwords, English, Code-Switching