Design and implementation of a power converter for soil vitrification application



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Texas Tech University


Texas Tech in conjunction with Montech Research proposed the construction of a soil stabilizer using a power graphite torch capable of generating hot plasma gas to melt the soil. The project will be used by the Texas Department of Transportation (TDOx).

The present work is a description of the electrical modules implemented to control the power of the equipment. The use of a buck converter to control the output power is proposed. Texas Tech was in charge of the construction of the electrical part of the project, a power supply capable to control 100kW.

The TDOx proposed the project because for some applications a material stronger than concrete is required, and the melted soil is three times stronger than concrete.

The results observed on the field shows that it is possible to melt down the soil with an output of 80kW. With further improvement on the design of the power modules it is possible to control up to 100kW.



Soil conditionners, Electric current converters, Soil vitrification