Casbane Diterpenes from Red Sea Coral Sinularia polydactyla


The soft coral genus Sinularia is a rich source of bioactive metabolites containing a diverse array of chemical structures. A solvent extract of Sinularia polydactyla resulted in the isolation of three new casbane diterpenes: sinularcasbane M (1), sinularcasbane N (2) and sinularcasbane O (3); in addition, known metabolites (4–5) were isolated. Compounds were elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic analyses; the absolute configuration was confirmed by X-ray analysis.


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Soft Coral, Alcyoniidae, Sinularia polydactyla, Diterpenes


Hegazy M-EF, Mohamed TA, Elshamy AI, Al-Hammady MA, Ohta S, Paré PW. Casbane Diterpenes from Red Sea Coral Sinularia polydactyla. Molecules. 2016; 21(3):308.