Three crystal spectrometry of copper K alpha lines



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Texas Tech University


By bombarding a poly-crystalline copper target with 15KeV electrons at lOmA direct current emission, a continuous spectrum of copper radiation was produced and made incident upon a mono-crystal of copper having a purity of 0.9999 and produced for the (111) planes. The mono-crystal of copper was aligned to produce Bragg reflection of the copper Ka lines, which occur in the moderate x-ray region, while simultaneously producing Pseudo-Kossel Ka lines in the same direction as that of the Bragg reflected lines. The spectral output was analyzed using a two quartz crystal spectrometer and multi-channel analyzer. The data shows an unusual increase in the copper Kai to Ka2 ratio, while exhibiting line width narrowing in both of the Ka lines, indicative of stimulated emission.



Lasers, X-ray spectroscopy, Copper -- Spectra