Man creating art in a puristic environment


Nature is created by God, and man needs nature to create art. If there is no nature then there is no art. One of man's basic needs in life is nature and to be able to exist in nature on natures terms and not so much on mans terms. Man is just another living creature on this planet and should not overwhelm the art nature has created. Creating art or architecture in nature is spiritual and opens creative mental doorways. Nature is art, and art is liberated when created in nature because nature is creation. Architecture is a place for the creation and creating of art Man needs an environment in nature to create and to be creative. Therefore the need for architecture in the naturally created environment and conversely the need for nature brought into the manmade environment is obvious. Efforts man makes to bring nature into his dwelling is what tells us how close man needs to be to nature. When nature is brought inside it also controls temperature and humidity of the space. Being in nature is a very basic need man must meet in order to exist as humankind was meant to. With the natural environment on the perimeter within grasp and able to be experienced the natural environment is brought into the man made environment. That is, the natural environment will be controlled or created by man into garden like areas that are part of the man-made space. This idea of controlling nature is not unlike creating nature itself Allowing man to live with nature generates a very healthy and relaxing environment for creativity. So in short my philosophic ideas about this locality are the following. God created nature and man needs nature in order to liberate his creativity. Second, man needs a natural environment in order to create and to meet his basic human needs. Third, in order for man to create at his very highest he depends upon the escape that being in nature gives him. This is why man, throughout architectural history, has always been so dedicated to the garden, lawn, and the courtyard. These philosophic ideas combined with more pragmatic ideas of energy conservation and the use of wind and solar energy. For example, the lucid idea of buffering the direct sun on the west with less important user functions. Is what will become a part of this center. Another aide of the site is the use of a greywater on-site irrigation system. These ideas will make this site more earthfriendly and sensitive to the state that the environment is in. This is a philosophy of holistic living, a philosophy that weaves its way through your whole life. What I am talking about is an essentially Utopian concept that strives to bring humanity into harmony with the natural environment (1) The functioning entity of the complex is essentially an African-American multi-cultural art center with museums and a small resident artist community. This built environment along with these ideas of ecological awareness is the vehicular means by which a final product will be completed.



Art centers -- Design, Sustainable architecture, African American art, Lubbock (Tex.)