An evaluation of four remediation methods within computer-based instruction



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Texas Tech University


When teaching does not result in complete and error-free learning, remediation is required. Computer-based instruction may address a student's remedial needs along two dimensions: reteaching format and remedial elements. In terms of reteaching format, the computer-based instructional system can reteach the deficient knowledge and skills using the initial instructional screens in the form a review of the original material. Alternatively, the system can present a set of new instructional screens based on an alternative pedagogical strategy. In terms of remedial elements, the instructional system may present a complete set of instructional screens designed to address all elements of the curriculum, as in a complete review of the initial instructional materials. Alternatively, the system may diagnose the student's error and select a set of instructional screens specifically designed to address the student's apparent misconception.



Computer-assisted instruction, Algebra, Remedial teaching