Nutritional and sensory evaluations of steamed southern pea (Vigna unguiculata) food product



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Texas Tech University


A popular West African steamed southern pea product that 5s traditionally prepared from the dehulled Blackeye pea cultivar is called moin-moin. Preparations of moin-moin from hulled and dehulled Texas Cream (T) and Chinese Red (C) peas as coTrpared to that from California Blackeye (B) peas were investigated. Because peas are deficient in sulfur amino acids (SAA), moin-moins were prepared from B peas supplemented with SAA sufficient 10% and 20% melon (Citrullus spp.) seed (M) or pollack (Polachius spp.) fish (F) flours.

Moin-moin samples were analyzed for proximate composition and Agtron color characteristics. Samples were e^'aluated for color, texture, flavor and acceptability by trained West African and American sensory panelists. Since moin-moins are mostly consumed by adults, supplemented moir-moin samples were biologically evaluated in 4 month old rats at 4.8% protein level for 28 days.

The proximate analysis showed that moin-moin samples made from T peas had highest protein content. All the supplementations investigated improved the protein content of B moin-moin. The protein contents of B, 10%M, 20%M, 10%F and 20%F samples were 20.5, 21.8, 25.9, 33.4 and 43.5% (dry wt. basis), respectively. The dehulling process was found to reduce the fat content of peas. The sensory analysis showed that moin-moins of good ruality could be made from hulled and dehulled T peas and dehulled C peas. Therefore, moln-moin made from hulled T peas makes the strenuous dehulling process unnecessary. Moin-moin samples prepared from supplemented B peas were all rated higher (p < 0.05) than the sample vith 20%F. Consequently, the sample with 20%F was not used in the rat study. American panelists and West African panelists rated moin-moin sarnies similarly. Sensory attributes and Agtron color values were positively correlated (p < 0.01). The rat study showed higher (p < 0.05) liver moisture contents for casein, 10%F and 20%M diet groups compared with B diet group. All the supplemented diet groups had higher liver nitrogen content and better nitrogen balance than B diet group. These results showed that 10%M, 20%M and 10%F supplementations could Improve the nutritive quality of moin-moin prepared from B peas.



Cowpea, Cookery (Cowpeas), Food -- Sensory evaluation