Black college football in Texas



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Texas Tech University


The research on the history of black college football in Texas and that established this increased understanding of African-American history comes primarily from the black newspapers in Texas. Papers like the Houston Informer and Dallas Express served as the cultural voice for a community ignored by the white press in the state. Since many of the black college football players m Texas, especially those who competed before 1950, are deceased, the black press offered the only remaining channel for their stories. Also, the university records of the black colleges in Texas are sparse. For Bishop College, which closed in 1988, its records are completely gone. The lack of a historical record makes the Texas African-American newspapers even more valuable. Furthermore, the few sources that exist on black college football in Texas prove the value of this dissertation to the Texas African-American community, the state of Texas and the field of history.



Black power, College sports, African Americans, Civil rights