The Drought-Mediated Soybean GmNAC085 Functions as a Positive Regulator of Plant Response to Salinity


Abiotic stress factors, such as drought and salinity, are known to negatively affect plant growth and development. To cope with these adverse conditions, plants have utilized certain defense mechanisms involved in various aspects, including morphological, biochemical and molecular alterations. Particularly, a great deal of evidence for the biological importance of the plant-specific NAM, ATAF1/2, CUC2 (NAC) transcription factors (TFs) in plant adaptation to abiotic stress conditions has been reported. A previous in planta study conducted by our research group demonstrated that soybean (Glycine max) GmNAC085 mediated drought resistance in transgenic Arabidopsis plants. In this study, further characterization of GmNAC085 function in association with salt stress was performed. The findings revealed that under this condition, transgenic soybean plants overexpressing GmNAC085 displayed better germination rates than wild-type plants. In addition, biochemical and transcriptional analyses showed that the transgenic plants acquired a better defense system against salinity-induced oxidative stress, with higher activities of antioxidant enzymes responsible for scavenging hydrogen peroxide or superoxide radicals. Higher transcript levels of several key stress-responsive genes involved in the proline biosynthetic pathway, sodium ion transporter and accumulation of dehydrins were also observed, indicating better osmoprotection and more efficient ion regulation capacity in the transgenic lines. Taken together, these findings and our previous report indicate that GmNAC085 may play a role as a positive regulator in plant adaptation to drought and salinity conditions.


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GmNAC085, ROS-Scavenging System, Salt Tolerance, Stress-Related Genes, Transcription Factor


Hoang XLT, Chuong NN, Hoa TTK, Doan H, Van PHP, Trang LDM, Huyen PNT, Le DT, Tran L-SP, Thao NP. The Drought-Mediated Soybean GmNAC085 Functions as a Positive Regulator of Plant Response to Salinity. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2021; 22(16):8986.