QoS parameters in IP and ATM and how IP maps onto ATM



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Texas Tech University


This thesis describes the Quality of Service (QoS) parameters of the Electrical Engineering computer network at Texas Tech University for three different network configurations. The networks that have been modeled are the IP-Ethemet model, the IP over ATM model, and the LANE model. These networks have been modeled and simulated using the OPNET Modeler. The three networks have been simulated under high-load conditions of the workstations to investigate the performance conditions of the network. The three networks have been modeled in a top-down approach and each level of the network hierarchy has been described and discussed along with the figures showing the layout of the network. All three network models have been simulated and the results obtained have been shown through a series of graphs. The results obtained from these simulations have been compared to the statistics obtained from the switches in the actual network using SNMP. Conclusions and recommendations for further work have been discussed.



Computer network architectures, Local area networks, Asynchronous transfer mode, Ethernet