Trans-forming the past: the adaptive use of an old school house into a civic performing arts center



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Texas Tech University


The research of this project is directed at designing architecture to be an integral component of the entertainment experience which it houses. Many entertainment environments use architecture to engage the inhabitants into the spaces and help fulfill the imagery. The primary design approach for this project will be a performing arts center that is innovative in design and displays a union of old existing architecture with new architecture. Because this project is an Adaptive Use, the goal for the structure is to be respectful of the past building, but provide an innovative union of new functions that takes the shape of a performing arts theatre. The idea is to produce a structure that the citizens can recognize and draw people back to the waterfront properties.

Architecturally, the significant element lies in the introduction of spaces within the existing shell. There will be special issues that arise in the combining of these two, old and new structures. Some of these issues include Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS) compliance, structural systems, points of egress and access, and hurricane and flood prevention conditions.



Centers for the performing arts -- Design, Freeport (Tex.), School buildings -- Remodeling for other use