Southside High School: "A reflection of the Gulf of Mexico," "the surrounding bays," "and" "the community"


Thesis Statement The students, faculty, community, and the citizens of Corpus Christi have begun to perceive high schools as detention facilities.The architecture of the area is one of anonymous architecture whose styles do not reflect the community, the surrounding Bays (Nueces Bay, Oso Bay, Corpus Christi Bay) or the Gulf of Mexico. Through the use of architectural features such as sail-like roof structures and wave-like patterns, the architecture will reflect the community,the surrounding Bays and the Gulf of Mexico. Context Statement ~ The site for the project will be in Corpus Christi, Texas (Southside Area); located ~ between Salinger Street and South Staples Street along Lipes Boulevard. The Gulf of Mexico is located 14.0 miles East of the site, Oso Bay is located 3.0 miles South of the site,Nueces Bay is located 10.0 miles North and Corpus Christi Bay is located 3.5 miles East of of the site. .~. . " " .. ' :.:: :~ " Faci1ity Statement The type of facility is that of a new Southside High School. Features of this new structure will include a wide range of educational and athletic course curriculums with an emphasis on Oceanography- Project Scope As this facility will be part of the Corpus Christi Independent School District, the surrounding community, and the city, the project will be in proportion to its surroundings; i.e. the Stonehenge & Crossgate Subdivisions. The facility will accommodate 1700+ students and faculty.



High school buildings -- Design., Corpus Christi (Tex.)