Student housing for the University of Texas at Austin, TX


Thesis Statement Environmental Design is comprised of responses from the total environment. Environmental Design is the response to the built and natural environments. The responses from both environments will shape the design and have an affect on the users' behavior. These responses are derived from the climate, form, color, and scale. The climate should shape the design and help to provide comfort with in the building. Forms are a way to stimulate the user's emotional and personal responses. Color is another way to produce a psychological response in the users. Scale in used to make the buildings intelligible to the users. Context Statement The site location for this thesis is the City of Austin. Austin is a typical metro environment, the city is comprised of commercial, residential, educational, and governmental areas all laid out on a wandering grid system. The city located on the Colorado River. Part of the city resides along the river bank. Austin's climate maintains a relativity high humidity all season long. The city's population is comprised of college students and governmental officials. Sixth Street is Austin's answer to Bourbon Street in New Orleans. The site for this thesis is two blocks to the West of the University of Texas and two blocks north of the downtown area. The area is highly dense with apartments that are three stories high. Facility Statement The facility that will express these issues and context is going to be student housing. The housing complex will consist of thirty units that are medium cost single room living quarters to two bedroom apartments. The facility will address the activities that accompany student housing as well as housing close to the city's night life.



Apartment houses -- Design