TLReflection: A life-inspired work of feminist art therapy

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Six separate projects, research and reflection papers are used as building blocks to construct a potentially therapeutic process, employing feminist pedagogy and performance art. The comprehensive inclusion of these six projects and papers is followed by a reflection of the therapeutic feminist performance art project, itself. This particular project is entitled, Threads Locks & Rock. The TLR concept was established by the author, in 2006. It has been produced, as an annual, publicly-presented performance art project, since 2007. This portfolio project is designed and intended to present life-inspired works of feminist art therapy, as well as the concepts and concerns, including women's issues and addiction, which inspire them. With this portfolio project, the author also attempts to establish the possibility that Threads Locks & Rock could be considered feminist performance art therapy.

Art, Performance, Therapy, Emotional rape, Rape, Feminism, Art therapy, Performance art therapy, Feminist pedagogy, Feminist art, Social advocacy, Social justice, Diversity, Empowerment, Women's issues