Whimsy in architecture: Regional design center


This project will reveal how the use of whimsy in architecture inspires creativity and professionalism through an informal environment. I chose a Regional Design Center as the vehicle of my thesis.

This design center will be located in the central portion of Austin, Texas. The site is in a warehouse district adjacent to public and business activities (hotels, a convention center, offices, etc.).

The center will serve as a catalyst in turning a deteriorating warehouse district into a design district for the showcase of design products and services. This facility will serve as the central headquarters for the design district as well as be the regional showroom "showplace".

The facility will house 28 showroom spaces, meeting space, seminar space, managerial offices, and dining space totalling 156,000 square feet of leasable space. Additionally, the design center will be the meeting place for organized tours of showrooms in the new design district.

"...a Design Center should have a very strong image, something instantly recognizable and memorable. It should be something beautiful and out of the ordinary." Cesar Pelli



Austin (Tex.), Architectural museums -- Design, Wit and humor in art