Time-resolved fluorescence studies of dye-polymers as excited by laser and beta-radiation



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Texas Tech University


The fluorescence properties and energy transfer processes of dye-polymers have been investigated with time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy. Based on an understanding of these characteristics, the new dye-polymers were optimized for potential applications in scintillators and wavelength shifters used in high energy particle detection. The two primary criteria for suitable samples were high quantum efficiencies and short fluorescence decay times. In this work, epoxypolymers were doped with dyes or dye-mixtures. Fluorescence decay times, relative quantum efficiencies, and critical energy transfer radii from Forster kinetics were obtained.

A new time autocorrelated two photon counting technique (TATPC) with beta-particle excitation was developed for this work to measure the fluorescence decays from scintillators. Other techniques used were a multi-photon fast analog technique and a single photon counting.



Fluorescence, Decay schemes (Radioactivity), Luminescence spectroscopy, Polymers