Using The Terms Integrative And Distributive Bargaining In The Classroom: Time For Change?



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Journal of Dispute Resolution


One of the opportunities afforded by the recent "Tower of Babel" symposium was the chance to step back and ask fundamental questions about the structure of negotiation, and how it is taught. The integrative / distributive framework, now at least 50 years old, is ripe for this kind of examination. While pervasive in the literature and part of most negotiation courses, there are several issues with the framework that make it problematic as a teaching tool, regardless of its pedigree as a theoretical model. It may be time to remove the terms integrative and distributive from the basic negotiation classes, or at least deemphasize their use. Ideally, new research will ground new theoretical frameworks that we can teach in their place.



Integrative bargaining, Distributive bargaining, Dispute resolution, Negotiation, Moving Negotiation Theory from the Tower of Babel Toward a World of Mutual Understanding symposium, University of Missouri School of Law, Teaching methods, Teaching dispute resolution, Instructional methods


2017 J. Disp. Resol. 29