Effectiveness of Home-Based Exercise and Nutrition Programs for Senior Adults on Muscle Outcomes: A Scoping Review

dc.creatorSalas-Groves, Emily (TTU)
dc.creatorChildress, Allison (TTU)
dc.creatorAlbracht-Schulte, Kembra (TTU)
dc.creatorAlcorn, Michelle
dc.creatorGalyean, Shannon (TTU)
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dc.description.abstractThis scoping review investigates the volume of evidence for home-based exercise and nutrition programs and their effect on muscle quality among senior adults to inform implementation and future research. It aims to answer the research question: What are the evidence, challenges, and needs for research regarding a home-based exercise and nutrition intervention program to improve muscle outcomes in senior adults? This scoping review was conducted following the PRISMA extension for Scoping Review. The following databases were searched: PubMed, Scopus, MEDLINE, CINAHL, EMBASE, and the Cochrane Library. Applied filters were used to help condense the research articles. A total of 13 studies met the inclusion criteria for this scoping review. Most exercise interventions were either resistance or multi-component exercise programs. The nature of the nutrition intervention varied between different supplements, foods, education, or counseling. Muscle outcomes included muscle mass in nine studies, muscle function in all the studies, muscle strength in ten studies, and biochemical analyses in two studies. Two studies found improvements in muscle mass; two studies revealed improvements in all their muscle function tests; and three studies revealed improvements in muscle strength. Muscle biopsy in a study revealed enhanced muscle fibers, but both studies did not reveal any biomarker improvements. The scoping review findings revealed mixed results on the effectiveness of a home-based exercise and nutrition program. However, the current evidence does have many gaps to address before recommending this form of intervention for senior adults as an effective way to prevent and manage sarcopenia. Since this review identified multiple knowledge gaps, strengths, and limitations in this growing field, it can be a starting point to help build future study designs and interventions in this population.
dc.identifier.citationSalas-Groves, E., Childress, A., Albracht-Schulte, K., Alcorn, M., & Galyean, S.. 2023. Effectiveness of Home-Based Exercise and Nutrition Programs for Senior Adults on Muscle Outcomes: A Scoping Review. Clinical Interventions in Aging, 18. https://doi.org/10.2147/CIA.S400994
dc.subjecthome-based exercise program
dc.subjectmuscle function
dc.subjectmuscle mass
dc.subjectmuscle strength
dc.subjectsenior adults
dc.titleEffectiveness of Home-Based Exercise and Nutrition Programs for Senior Adults on Muscle Outcomes: A Scoping Review


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