Design of a P2P-based network architecture for automated test equipment



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Texas Tech University


Schemes that use intercormected devices such as control systems and Automated Test Equipment (ATE) traditionally use software that is built upon the client-server model. As a result, these systems are incapable of guaranteeing control of the master over slaves in the event of many cases of system failure. Also, these systems are often written in compiled languages like 'C' or 'Assembly', which makes the task of recompiling software and rebooting systems necessary when modifications are performed.

In an effort to provide greater fault tolerance and reliability, we explore the possibility of using the P2P model for networking devices. Moreover, we attempt to use scripts for defíning system behavior, which provides flexibility and ease in making modifications at runtime.

We met our goal by developing a distributed P2P architecture for confederations of devices and by defíning an XML-based scripting language for writing distributed applications that run on the said platform. Message protocols for communication between devices were defíned. Many useful features were implemented that make the framework powerfiil and yet simple to use.



Computer networks, Client/server computing, C (Computer program language), Multicasting (Computer networks), Peer-to-peer architecture (Computer networks)