Motivations and marketing strategies influencing customers to visit day spas in the U.S.



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The spa industry is growing rapidly in the United States. The rising demand for spa services has met with an increasing number of spa businesses thus boosting overall revenue for the spa industry. Most spa research seems to be focused on hotel and resort spas even though three-fourths of all spas in the US are day spas. The purpose of this study was to examine spa customers’ attitudes and behaviors when they visit day spas in the U.S.

A total of 615 participants completed questionnaires which were collected by Qualtrics in July 2015. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was selected as the statistic tool to analyze the models. Three models were examined in this study. Model one showed that day spa customers’ past experience influenced how they perceived marketing strategies. Additionally, the results showed that satisfied customers were more likely to become loyal customers. Model two added to the outcomes of model one in that loyal customers would revisit and recommend their favorite place to others. For model three, the findings showed that brand awareness had a positive effect on how spa visitors’ perceived quality at day spas.

The findings imply that past experience has a significant influence on spa goers’ consumption. In addition, spa consumers’ perceptions of marketing mix impact how they perceived quality and satisfaction. Therefore, spa operations need to improve spa services and generate effective marketing strategies so as to attract new customers to revisit day spas. These may include providing well-trained spa employees and creating attractive marketing channels that offer promotions, booking for spa goers, and generating brand awareness for spa products and services.



Brand Awareness, Customer Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, Marketing Strategies, Motivations, Past Experience