Financial Knowledge and Behavior of Agricultural Majors

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The financial knowledge and behavior of agricultural majors is a necessary area of study due to the unique and different aspects of the agricultural sector. The creation of financial knowledge courses is paramount to the financial success of university students. The importance of being financially literate at the college level cannot be overlooked, as these students are responsible for becoming the agricultural sector's future. While considerable research has examined financial knowledge and behavior of college students in general (Potrich, Vieira, and Mendes-Da-Silva 2016; Eberhardt, Bruine de Bruin, and Strough 2019), little has focused specifically on students pursuing agricultural majors. Two types of financial knowledge impact financial decision-making. Objective knowledge is the actual capability of individuals to understand measurable financial concepts. Subjective knowledge is an individual’s self-perception of ability to understand financial concepts (Woodyard et al. 2017). Insight into the financial knowledge and behavior of agricultural college majors will provide beneficial information regarding the financial readiness of students to embark on professional careers in agriculture. This thesis investigates several behaviors and their relationship to subjective and objective financial knowledge. The objectives of this project were to assess the objective and subjective financial knowledge of college students enrolled in agricultural majors and to investigate how financial knowledge may impact financial behavior.

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Financial Knowledge, Financial Behavior, Finance, Financial Literacy, Agricultural, College Majors