Money management: Your food dollar



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Chicago, Illinois: Household Finance Corporation
Toronto, Ontario: Household Finance Corporation of Canada


Food markets today offer a variety of wholesome, nourishing foods at a wide range of prices. Many come in a number of forms ... both fresh and processed ... partly or fully prepared ... packed or packaged for convenient storage and use. From the foods commonly available you can prepare nutritious meals for your family, keeping costs within your budget. You alone can determine the food purchases which best suit your needs and circumstances. You can encourage the continued production and efficient marketing of the food products you prefer through your selections and good shopping habits. You can protect food values and flavors through proper storage and skillful preparation. You can read, ask questions, observe and tryout unfamiliar foods. You can use your imagination and knowledge to meet the day-to-day challenge of feeding your family. As you do, you will develop your ability to manage food dollars.



Money Management, Grocery Shopping, Home Economics Accounting