The influence of cause-related marketing on consumer behavior: Does the cause matter?



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This study uses many constructs to analyze the influence of cause-related marketing on consumer behavior. Many aspects should be considered when assessing what causes consumers to purchase or not purchase for a cause. Sometimes they may feel pressured at the checkout counter to give, or they genuinely want to lend a helping hand to those in need. It could have nothing to do with the cause itself; they may prefer to shop with a particular brand that happens to be unified with a specific cause. The purpose of this study is to determine what factors drive consumers’ behavior toward purchasing or not purchasing for a cause. The influence of three variables will be focused on: 1) cause vs. product, 2) obligation, and 3) pro-social spending. There are four constructs analyzed during this study; each construct will be broken down by the consumers’ preferences regarding specific topics. These topics will be created into a series of questions and the results will be gathered and displayed through an online survey using Qualtrics.
This study differs from previous research because these constructs will be used to create questions that will help break down why each consumer chooses to purchase with intent to give to a particular cause. By comparing specific causes, the goal is to see which charity has the most substantial impact on the consumers’ purchasing intention.



Cause-related marketing, Pro-social spending, Obligation, consumer behavior, Theory of planned behavior, Cause vs. product