Statistical comparison of electromagnetic susceptibility of a transmission line in reverberation and semianechoic chambers



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Texas Tech University


This thesis included the detailed structure of a microwave reverberation chamber for EMC testing. A single transmission line in the chamber is illuminated by a distant EMI source to study the induced voltages on the load impedance at one end. The frequency-domain responses are obtained. The statistical characteristics of the reverberation chamber, probability distribution function (PDF) and cumulative distribution function (CDF), are studied both theoretically and experimentally. A computer simulation program "NULINE" is used to simulate the response of the same transmission line excitation in a semianechoic EMC testing chamber. The statistical properties of the semianechoic chamber are also studied. The goal of this thesis is to compare the electromagnetic susceptibility measurement results of the statistical properties of the two different kinds of chambers. Upon our investigation, some meaningful conclusions are reached to properly interpret the EMC testing results from a semianechoic chamber and a reverberation chamber. Experiments for further investigation are also suggested.



Electromagnetic compatibility, Electronics -- Equipment and supplies, Electronic circuits -- Noise, Electromagnetic waves