The function of university presidents and CEO's in fundraising: A study of public universities with capital campaigns less than $100 million



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Texas Tech University


State and federal cuts in higher education financing are requiring colleges and universities to seek alternative sources of funding. Additionally, this decreased governmental funding is coupled with increased tuition and fees. Consequently, higher education institutions are becoming progressively more involved in fundraising to offset the shortfall in dollars for operations and capital expenditures. This increased dependence on private sources of funding emphasizes the need for more in-depth studies of higher education fundraising. Specifically, there is a significant need for additional information regarding the function of the president in the fundraising process. While the president has been studied from a number of different perspectives, the literature relating to presidential roles in fundraising is very limited and provides little to guide leaders in the fundraising process.

This study has two primary purposes. First, it examines the function of presidents in the fiindraising process within higher education. Second, it compares these findings with the existing literature. As an extension of a previous study focusing on universities with campaigns greater than $100 million, this study focuses on public four-year institutions with capital campaigns less than $100 million. The president and the chief development officer are the primary subjects of study within these universities. The focus of the study will be on institutions located within the state of Texas.



Educational fund raising, Academic, Dissertations