Effects of iloprost on embryo development in vitro



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Apoptosis (programmed cell death) can occur in embryos at any point during development. Apoptosis can occur naturally in embryo development due to a myriad of reasons including suboptimal culture conditions. It has recently been reported that Iloprost, a biosynthetic prostacyclin analogue and cardiovascular active drug, enhances embryo development and prevents apoptosis. It is hypothesized that the mechanism involves the induction of the survivin pathway.
In this study, growth patterns of mouse embryos in four different groups were examined: an Iloprost group, a YM-155 (which induces apoptosis) group, a combination of YM-155 and Iloprost group, and a control group which was cultured in Global media. Two-cell stage mouse embryos were randomly assigned to different treatment groups and were observed to monitor the growth and the effectiveness of Iloprost in blunting the adverse effect of YM-155 on embryo development, using embryo hatching from the zona pellucida as the end point. Results suggest Iloprost was able to reduce the adverse effects of YM-155 on embryo development supporting the theory it activates the survivin pathway.



Reproduction, Iloprost, Embryo, Apoptosis, Surviving, In vitro, Prostacyclin