Passive Deployment Mechanisms for Minimal Composition of Lunar/Martian Base Camp Implanted into Lava Tube



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2023 International Conference on Environmental Systems


"Lava tubes on the moon and Mars are considered favorable sites to implant a habitation module due to their protected environment from enormous temperature gaps, radiations and meteorites. In the initial steps of Lunar/Martian habitation, a quickly deployable base camp is beneficial in preparing for a permanent human presence. Envisioning quick establishment of the base camp implanted into a lava tube on the moon or Mars, the habitation module and related infrastructure should be composed as a minimum. The habitation module is installed inside the lava tube, while solar power modules are installed on the ground surface. A cable lift suspended from an overhang connects the bottom of the lava tube and the ground surface for transporting humans or supplies. Cramped spaces inside the habitation module apply to dense vegetation that contributes to providing oxygen and food, absorbing carbon dioxide. Derived from a transportation and installation scenario in which humans arrive through a final transport, each component comprises semi-passive deployment mechanisms for its primary structures. Affiliated external structures are developed in addition to the deployable structures of the habitation module for an envelope and an embedded floor that were developed in the past. The overhang comprises a tensioning structure to cantilever from the cliff. Releasing rails are ejected, and adjustable footings touch down on bumpy terrain during the deployment of the habitation module and the overhang. The adjusting mechanism for the footing is developed using levers with a migratable junction."


Jun Sato, University of Tokyo, Japan
Saneyuki Kawabata, University of Tokyo, Japan
Tomohiro Yokozeki, University of Tokyo, Japan
Kazuya Saito, Kyushu University, Japan
Masato Sakurai, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Japan
Yasuhiro Awata, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Japan
Nao Hoshinouchi, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Japan
ICES506: Human Exploration Beyond Low Earth Orbit: Missions and Technologies


lunar habitation, Martian habitation, base camp, lava tube, deployable structure, bumpy terrain