Life through adaptation and the evolution of a residual



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Tfieonj The redesigned Roswell hotel will reflect its significant residual past while renewing its reputation as a modern standard of luxury accommodations with conference and retail spaces. The connection between the significant residual and the new construction is a delicate one, but at the same time must be bold to differentiate the two. 'T-acifitij The facility is a boutique hotel that offers amenities such as dining, conference spaces, lodging, a health spa, and retail spaces. A parking garage will also provide the downtown area with much needed parking for adjacent buildings. Conte^it The adapted Roswell hotel will be located in downtown Del Rio, Texas, where it can eagerly provide service to the federal and county courthouses, civic offices, local retail, as well as to tourists to and from Mexico. This extension to various entities of the community will help to integrate the hotel into its environment which will result in the hotel becoming a part of a whole.



Architecture, Hotels -- Remodeling, Del Rio (Tex.)