Commercial Litigation



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Texas Tech Law Review


Surveys the Fifth Circuit coverage of a wide range of commercial litigation topics during the survey period. In particular, many opinions covered basic issues in the areas of contract law, insurance, and the business of mortgage servicing. Major opinions in the area of forum selection clauses and CAFA jurisdiction are now under review by the Supreme Court.



Absentation, Antitrust, Anti-suit injunction, Appellate jurisdiction, Arbitration, Attorney's fees, Bankruptcy, Class actions, Charge error, Constitutional law, Consumer, Contract, Copyright and trademark, Damages, Discovery, Erisa, Experts, First Amendment, Insurance, Mortgage servicing, Oil and gas, Personal jurisdiction, Pleading, Preliminary injunction, Professional liability, Qui tam, Removal and remand, Sanctions, Service, Sufficiency of evidence, Receivers, Restitution, Subject matter jurisdiction, Vacatur, Venue and forum selection


David S. Coale, Commercial Litigation, 46 Tex. Tech L. Rev. 727 (2013-2014)