Nonprofit Enterprises: Law and Taxation




Phelan, Marilyn E.

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West Publishing


While there is a growing body of law applicable to the many and varied nonprofit organizations, much of the law is recent and little has been digested to provide the lawyer, the accountant, and the manager of the nonprofit organization with guidance in meeting the legal and tax issues confronting these organizations. This text was prepared for that purpose and has combined all aspects of the law relating to nonprofit organizations into one work for easy reference. Included in the thirteen chapters is a description of the steps in creating a nonprofit organization, the legal status of the members, directors and officers, and the legal liability of the directors and officers. Professor Phelan has summarized various state statues on nonprofit organizations, analyzed various legal problems, presented the alternatives to incorporation and their legal consequences, demonstrated the accounting methods utilized to report financial activities, and presented the complicated tax law relating to exempt organizations in a simple, concise manner.



Non-profit, tax law