A model of the effects of change in communication technology on the sources of information for organizational decision making



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Texas Tech University


The technology supporting computer assisted communication (CAC) is becoming an increasingly significant factor affecting the decision-making process. Current models do not adequately represent this situation.

A framework is synthesized from literature representing three fields of study: management information systems, communication, and decision making. The framework views all available decision-making information as either currently residing In the mind of the decision maker or being provided through communication sources. Furthermore, the communication sources are divided into a formal (system supplied) versus informal (non-system supplied) dichotomy.

A conceptual model is then created, based on the framework, that is useful in qualitatively assessing the effects of installing or upgrading CAC on the decision-making information that is available to the decision maker.

This model Is then used as a basis for analyzing some of the cost/benefit tradeoffs of employing CAC. The primary contribution of this research is a model that provides a tool for analyzing the effects of CAC technology on the source of decision-making information and on the cost of making decisions using CAC.



Communication in management, Management information systems, Decision making -- Data processing