Recommending Collegiate Recovery Programs to Institutes of Higher Education in Ireland

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In 2022, a national study titled The DUHEI (Drug Use in Higher Educationin Ireland) was conducted to determine the prevalence and problem of drug use among students in institutes of higher education. The findings of the DUHEI revealed that drug use is prevalent among college students in Ireland, with over half reporting they use or hadused drugs in the past.The study also uncovered a subpopulation of students who have recovered from a previous problem with drug or alcohol use in thepast, known as students in recovery. These students were identifiedas a unique and vulnerable population in need of specific support on college campuses. The authors of the report recommend the establishment of collegiate recovery programs in institutes of higher education in Ireland to support these students in active recovery from addiction. Collegiate recovery programs are well established in the U.S and are emerging in the UK and Canada. This perspective article echoes, and extends upon the DUHEI recommendationto implement CRPs in Ireland, by highlighting the evidence base which demonstrates the efficacy of collegiate recovery programs. Itis important that Irish colleges and Universities follow international best practice by establishing collegiate recovery program.

File under embargo until 03 December 2024. This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly on 03 December 2023, available at:
Collegiate Recovery Programs, Addiction Recovery, Higher Education, Student Services, Substance Misuse
Murphy, D. (2023). Recommending collegiate recovery programs to institutes of higher education in Ireland. Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, 42(1), 138–146.