Model transformation support for the analysis of large-scale systems

dc.contributor.committeeChairShin, Michael
dc.contributor.committeeMemberLopez-Benitez, Noe
dc.creatorCalderon, Marta Eunice Science
dc.description.abstractThis study describes an approach to the design and development of a tool to support the transformation of a UML–based system model to a CPN model that can be used for analyzing the dynamic behavior of large–scale systems. A UML–based system model is represented using the use case model, the class model, and the collaboration model. Rational Rose is used as interface to capture the UML–based system model, and Design/CPN is the CPN tool selected. A prototype tool is developed to transform a UML–based system model to a CPN model. The resulting CPN model is used to check correctness of use case scenarios and analyze system concurrency properties such as deadlock. The prototype tool developed in this study maps the structure of a Rational Rose MDL file describing the UML–based system model to the structure of a Design/CPN XML file describing the modeling elements of a CPN model in Design/CPN. The results generated by the prototype tool are validated using two system models: the stop-and-wait protocol system and the gas station system.
dc.subjectCPN model
dc.subjectUML based system model
dc.subjectModel transformation
dc.titleModel transformation support for the analysis of large-scale systems
dc.typeThesis Science Science Tech University of Science in Software Engineering
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