Drive to Justice: The Supreme Court's Decision in PGA Tour, Inc. v. Martin

Shannon, Brian D.
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Virginia Sports and Entertainment Law Journal

If you have chosen to read this Essay, you are probably somewhat familiar with the long court battle waged between the PGA Tour, Inc. ("PGA") and golfer Casey Martin. Moreover, you likely know that Martin ultimately prevailed at the United States Supreme Court in a 7 to 2 decision that upheld the lower courts' rulings directing the PGA to allow Martin to use a motorized cart in PGA golf tournaments as an accommodation for his disability. You might also be aware that Martin has been diagnosed "with Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber Syndrome, a degenerative circulatory disorder that obstructs the flow of blood from his right leg back to his heart.” After a brief exposition of the underlying facts and procedural background of the dispute, this Essay will focus on the two principal legal issues involved in the case, and then assess the likely impact of the Court's decision on future cases.

Golf, Disability
1 Va. Sports & Ent. L. J. 74