Sustainable architecture


Abstract Thesis Statement To be a prolific component of a downtown revitalization process by composing a sustainable habitat that utilizes the ideals of environmentally responsive architecture. Context Statement The site of the project is in the downtown area of Lubbock, Texas. The address of the site is 1215-17 Avenue J between Broadway and 13th street. Avenue J is one street west of Texas Avenue. Facility Statement The adaptive reuse of the 6-story Green Building (Myrick Building) as apartments will be employed to implement the thesis. There is an extensive range of potential users who would benefit from such a facility because of their connections with the area of interest. The building will be entirely apartments except for the support facilities. Eventhough the renting of space could be profitable, no other businesses will be included in the structure. If business begin to move into the area, there are numerous unoccupied spaces available that need to be filled.

Architecture, Office buildings -- Remodeling for other use, Apartment houses -- Design and construction